Why does washing machine shake

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Washing machine shaking or vibration? There is a constant vibration or shaking of your washing machine, and you’re confused about the cause? You are not alone. Washing machine shakes can be caused by many factors. In this blog, we’ll discuss the common causes of washing machine shaking, along with solutions to overcome it.

Why does washing machine shake

Causes of Washing Machine Shaking

Washing machine shaking usually occurs when the machine is washing an item that is too large or if the tub is overloaded. Overloading the tub can lead to a machine’s vibration, which causes the washer to shake uncontrollably. However, uneven weight distribution and improper installation and leveling are also causes of washing machine shaking. If your machine isn’t level or balanced correctly, it can cause excessive shaking. Washing machines may also shake when the load is unbalanced, such as when washing a single large item or bedding on its own.

Some washing machines come with features that can help prevent vibration, such as anti-vibration washers and vibration dampeners. If you see signs of washing machine vibration, such as a washer shaking during the cycle or irregular vibrations while washing, it’s time to take your washer in for service.

Troubleshooting a Shaking Washing Machine

Shaking washing machines can be a nuisance, and an uneven distribution of clothes inside the drum can lead to some shaking. If your washer is shaking excessively, it’s important to level the washer and ensure it is balanced correctly.

You could also try using washer detergent with less sodium content or washer-safe bleach and use fewer wash cycles. Additionally, you could try adjusting the water level or washer cycle settings to reduce vibration. Finally, you could keep the washer clean and free of debris to reduce movement within the machine. When checking shock absorbers, hoses, and other components for damage, it’s important to replace any that are worn or broken.

Solutions to Stop the Shaking

If your washing machine is shaking excessively and you’re unable to identify the cause, it’s important to level the machine and redistribute the clothes evenly inside the drum. Also, ensure that the washer is balanced and not vibrating due to an imbalance in the loads. This will help to prevent excessive shaking from occurring.

Another way to prevent excessive shaking from occurring is to check for debris or foreign objects that may be causing the washer to vibrate excessively. Additionally, regular maintenance of your washing machine can help to prevent excessive shaking from occurring.

Unbalanced Loads

Washing machines are susceptible to uneven weight distribution if the laundry items are not balanced correctly. This can lead to violent shaking and water spillage during the spin cycle, as well as damage to the machine.

Heavy items like blankets, towels, and bulky items should be evenly distributed with lighter items such as small towels and underwear in the drum of the washing machine. When washers are improperly leveled, they may vibrate excessively and make loud noises.

When washers are properly leveled, they will not cause damage to other parts of the machine and will not cause violent shaking or water spillage during the spin cycle.

Always follow washer manufacturer’s instructions regarding washer leveling and ensure that all laundry is balanced correctly before placing it in the drum of the washing machine.

Poorly Leveled Washer

A walking washing machine is a common issue caused by a washer not being leveled, either due to improperly adjusted leveling legs or an uneven floor. When the washer is not level, it can cause the drum to tilt and spin unbalanced, leading to excessive noise, vibration, and even washing damage to the machine. Additionally, a washer that isn’t level can create friction between the drum and the agitator, causing unnecessary wear and tear on the appliance. Therefore, it’s important to ensure washers are properly leveled before using them. To do this, adjust the leveling legs so that all four are firmly placed on a level, solid, and non-slippery surface. This will ensure washers are level and operating smoothly for years of service.

Faulty Shock Absorbers

If your washing machine is shaking excessively, there could be a problem with the shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are designed to reduce vibration and shock of the washing machine during use. They absorb shock and keep the washing machine stable. Over time, they become less efficient, so it’s important to replace the shock absorbers as soonally as possible to prevent damage to your washing machine.

If you notice squealing sound when the tub is turning, this could indicate that the tub bearings need replaced. If you hear excessive vibration or shaking when the washing machine is in use, it might also be caused by faulty shock absorbers.

Damaged Adjustable Leveling Legs

Leveling legs on your washing machine can be a cause of vibration if one of them is out of adjustment. To reduce the vibration, you should adjust each leg until the machine is level. If washing is shaking excessively, it may need to be leveled.

Defective springs can also be a cause of excessive vibration in your washing machine. In that case, you should inspect the balance ring for signs of damage and replace the spring if necessary.

Besides that, you should also make sure that your washing machine is properly balanced and level, and the water level is correct for your cycle before loading laundry.

Transit Bolts Not Removed (New Washers)

– Transit bolts are used to lock the drum of washing machines in place during shipping and prevent rattling.

– Failing to remove these transit bolts can cause excessive noise, movement, and damage to the washing machine.

– To remove transit bolts, use a wrench or spanner of 10mm diameter.

– Keep transit bolts clean to avoid corrosion and ensure they spin freely. Also, check the washing machine for any signs of excessive vibration or movement, such as vibrating shock absorbers, suspension rods, or pads.

– Finally, be sure to follow the washing machine’s installation and operating instructions carefully to prevent problems and save energy.

How to Stop a Washing Machine from Shaking

To stop a washing machine from shaking, it’s vital to evenly distribute the load inside the drum. This will help minimise uneven vibration and avoid damage to your washing machine. Additionally, make sure to adjust the feet of the washer to balance the machine. If the load is uneven, add extra material to bulk out the load or wring out excess water. Finally, inspect the flooring of your washing machine for any issues. If it’s not level or solid, this could cause the machine to vibrate unevenly and result in damaged clothing and other items inside the drum. If you’re unable to stop your washing machine from shaking with these steps, it may be necessary to call a professional for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop the shaking from happening?

There are a few things that you can do to prevent your washing machine from shaking.

1. Even out the load in your washing machine by distributing the clothes evenly throughout the machine. This will help it spin and maintain momentum, preventing shaking.

2. Make sure your washer is even on the floor to avoid shaking. If washer is not even on the floor, it will cause the machine to shake.

3. Check for any damage to the flooring, to ensure it is level and solid. If there are any cracks or holes in the flooring, the machine may shake as it moves back and forth across the area.

4. Wring out any excess water from the load and break it up before putting it back in the drum. This will help reduce the vibration transmitted through the machine.

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It is important to check washing machine shaking and washing machine shaking problems as soon as you notice them. Most washing machine shaking problems can be fixed by following the above-mentioned washing machine shaking solutions. If the washing machine shaking persists, you should contact a technician or appliance repair person for help. A good washing machine shock absorber installation will help reduce washing machine shock and vibration. If new bolts were used during washer installation, they should be removed before leveling was set up by an expert technician. With a little bit of knowledge, you can help keep your washing machine working properly and reduce the chance of needing to call a technician or appliance repair person in the future!